Oral histories

Oakwood Historical Society Centennial Project, 2006

Video Interviews

Interviewed by Harry Ebeling; filmed on CD by Roy Flynn and Dick Robinson; transcribed by Harry Ebeling; additional interview help on some by Pam Houk

Audio Interviews

Interviews by Harry Ebeling

Interview by Sharon Kilworth; transcribed by Harry Ebeling

The Far Hills Interviews

Interviews by Virginia Ronald & Bruce Ronald; transcribed by Harry Ebeling

Interviews by Ed King

Interview by Joey Thiele, from a Video Tape done by MVCC

Interviews by Harry Ebeling & Everett Yowell

Interview by Harry Ebelng

Interview by Oakwood High School Class in 2004; transcribed by Harry Ebeling Re: WW II experiences

Presentation to Historical Society; transcribed by Harry Ebeling

More interviews (not transcribed):

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